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Flying West
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About us

What once began as just a small operation selling coffee at the world famous Eumundi Markets, has now expanded to 'Flying West Coffee Roasters', a dedicated roastery producing consistent specialty grade coffee..

With the help of their passionate team, Flying West Roasters have spent the last 20 years planning and executing how to ensure they offer customers their best coffee experience possible. They are dedicated to offering a selection of specialty coffee's.... from single origins to a unique range of blends.

In September 2018, Flying West Roasters opened their roastery to the public alongside their café. The new space, which was once known as the ‘Tender Shed’, has recently been renovated into something quite unexpected. Your first glance is a great big tin shed, until you step inside to discover an ambient, modern, urbanised café. The style has an industrial edge softened with hanging plants, chill-set music and timber furnishings. The goal is that the wholesome food matches the sophistication and the personality of the space, along with the high-quality specialty grade coffee.

The team at Flying West Roasters are incredibly passionate about coffee and pride themselves in taking every possible step to ensure they serve all their customers the experience they came for.