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Flying West

From Cooloola to Your Coffee

It is our duty to make your coffee shine! To honour and give respect to each and every step in making coffee. To the farmers and all the hands that put hard work into growing, harvesting and producing the green beans we select, and to the dairy farmers that help produce the milk used every day in the coffee you consume. We support and praise our local dairy industry. Here at Flying West Roasters, we use Cooloola Dairy.

The team at Cooloola produce amazing milk from traditional jersey cows, ensuring that there are high levels of butterfat and quality proteins in the end product. This in turn is not only better for you, but it also makes their milk a superior product to be using for our milk-based coffee and other beverages.

The reality is, if us as Australians don't make the crucial change now, consumers will not have fresh milk in Queensland for much longer. We encourage you to support your local dairy, and use Australian, local-branded milk...

For more information on how the price slash is affecting the dairy industry watch what The Project had to say...