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Our organic blend is a much loved favourite with so many of our customers. With smooth and sweet milk chocolate notes, this medium bodied blend of organic beans from Peru, Honduras and Mexico has low acidity with a clean, balanced finish.

As a roaster you begin to understand each coffee region and the flavour profile those beans will hold. We’ve paired these beans together because their individual flavour profiles complement each other perfectly. Each and every single origin bean is different, and as such each has to be roasted differently to ensure that the individual characteristics are preserved and showcased.

So, when we create our blends we use a method called post blending. This means we will roast each single origin separately, before blending them together at the end. This process means that each single origin is roasted to its ideal point, ensuring the body, acidity and sweetness is just right. Blend them together and you get our oh so tasty Organic Blend. You must give this delicious organic coffee blend a try for yourself!

Now available to try every week at the famous Noosa Farmers Market, as well as our roastery, online or head to either of our lovely stockists The Shop @ Coolum or Organika and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.